Aaron’s Homegoing

In April 1973, Aaron passed away on a mountaintop outside Geneva.

Dad wrote, “He was last seen alive in Geneva by the Family on April 3, 1973, when he evidently left the Colony alone to climb to the castle on the nearby lofty mountaintop, but his body was not found until discovered on Easter Sunday afternoon, April 22.

Joseph Reader later commented: “Peter Amsterdam and I visited the site of Aaron’s death when we moved to Geneva a few years later, in the mid-1970s. There’s a sort of castle on the side of a steep hill outside Geneva, with a restaurant/café nearby or beneath it. As you sit on the terrace of the restaurant, there’s a beautiful, densely wooded area on a plateau beneath you. A waiter who remembered Aaron’s death told us that Aaron apparently went for a walk there. It’s a very dangerous area, however, because the thick woods grow right up to the edge of a steep, rocky cliff, and you can be walking along through the woods and, if you’re not careful, walk right over the edge of the cliff without realizing it. Out of curiosity, I walked down there too, and even though I knew about the steep drop-off, I was almost taken by surprise myself. They’d posted warning signs (or more of them) since Aaron’s death, but it was still a hazard for the unwary.”

Aaron left behind a tremendous legacy of faith, despite his short life on this earth. His willingness to reach the world at any cost. His songs were an important part of the Revolution for Jesus.