God’s Children Prove One Can Live As Christ

By Myra Dye, Collinsville Herald, Illinois

October 27, 1969, North America

A group of persons “proving that they can live as Jesus lived and do what Jesus did effectively” are camped along the Mississippi river at the Lewis and Clark Park near Hartford.

God’s Children, as they call themselves, are endeavoring to travel throughout the United States to warn the people to repent of their sinful ways and live lives dedicated to Jesus Christ.

Spokesman Jonathan Hosea Levi said they do not go into churches because of the size of their group and their mode of dress. He explained, they are trying to reach students, radicals—those not found in the churches.

God’s Children offer Christ as an alternative. Using scriptural references, Levi said Jesus gives peace, love, freedom.

Their “message” is that Christ is the way of salvation. Referring to Jeremiah 12:17, Lei said if people don’t obey God, He will “pluck up and utterly destroy this nation.” God’s Children, likening themselves to the prophets of old, are striving to “warn” the whole nation.

God’s Children number 7,000 throughout the nation. Approximately 90 are camped at Lewis and Clark Park. Their organization is based on the Christian church described in the book of Acts.

Members have sold their possessions, pooled all their resources and belongings, and live with everything in common.

Members of the group have taken Biblical names and are divided into 12 “tribes,” as the Israelites. Each tribe has a particular responsibility.

Moses is the spiritual judge and contact with God. Major decisions are made by the elders who pray for judgment.

Being a member of God’s Children has a few qualifications. First, a person must have had a personal experience with Jesus Christ. He must have been “born again.” Secondly, he must be 100 per cent dedicated to the cause of Christ and His message, and be willing to live it.

The third qualification, Levi explained, is a person must be willing to give up his present bad habits, such as drinking, smoking, drugs; and be permanently dedicated to the “message.”

Those at Lewis and Clark Park have only been traveling for a few months, though various members have been involved with God’s Children for several years. They do not take collections. Interested persons have given food and clothing; and all the members share their possessions.

He said the group’s purpose is taking the Bible literally, to be an example that one can live as Jesus and his followers lived.

Dressed in hippie fashion, the group lives and travels in cars, a van, an Army truck, and a bus. A large tent is also among the baggage.